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Trisha and Phil Music
Trisha is going to publish her poetry!!
We're hoping to have it ready sometime real soon. It will be worth the wait!!

We are located in Metrowest Boston.

Follow this link to a complete list of open mikes in the Boston area at our friend Sam Bayer's website.

For a nationwide list of open mikes use this link.

We're Trisha and Phil Knudsen and we have been performing in the local open mike and folk community for many years. Trisha is a poet that is able to communicate her worldview and observations of life, love and everyday events in a thoughtful and beautiful way. Phil has been playing guitar and singing for over 30 years. Several years ago they decided to join their talents and now combine harmony, poetry, original compositions and covers of familiar songs to provide an evening that lets you sit back, relax and forget the outside world for a while.
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Open Mikes - Our Philosophy
April 2007

We are now into our fourth month of hosting the TCAN open mike. We felt the time was right to tell you something about our philosophy of the open mike- here at TCAN and in general.

We see the open mike as a community event - not necessarily a performance event. It's a time to hear, and really listen to, other people who share their gifts with us. The performers are at various stages in their musical development. Some may see the open mike as their only musical or spoken word outlet, some may use the open mike to test new

Continued . . .
Phil is now completely retired

That's the big news!!!

He will now have time to do something about this website!!

Link to the Knudsen's Myspace Page
we never use it either but it's a nice trip down memory's back alley
Trisha and I are thankful for a great year hosting the Harvest Cafe Open Mike. We've had a blast! Karen Freker is the kind of advocate that local live music needs - she gets it - and we're happy to do our part to support this great venue.

And a special thanks to Steve Beckwith and Patrick McCarthy who have graciously filled in as hosts from time to time. We really appreciate it!!

We're taking the last two weeks of the year off and we'll be back on January 4th. If you haven't been out to the mike for a while - come on back - we'd love to see you and hear you.

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